A WORD ABOUT AUTO-SUBMIT: auto-submission does not work on this FFA.
What would be the point if everyone used auto-submit...who is going
to see your link? The only one who benefits are the ones hosting
the auto-submission site.
We get nearly 1000 hits a day in auto-submissions but turn them down.
However, we do pick up the tab for traffic that we never see.

The primary purpose of the FFA is to give business
and individuals a place to post links to various sites throughout
the Internet FREE OF CHARGE. Also this site provides information that
from time to time, and in a low volume manner, will be sent to the
email addresses that have been submitted and hopefully those individuals
will find the information of value, and if not, at least we BOTH have
something to show for our efforts. In other words, we have supplied you
with this service in exchange for your attention.

It is therefore required that every email address submitted have a
valid recipient and not a fictitious name or link to an auto-responder.
Our remove link, provided in each of our email, WORKS!
If after receiving an email from us you wish to remove your name from our list,
simply click on the remove link and you will never receive another message from
us again unless you resubmit your address at our site in the future.
Your email address will NOT be added to a dozen lists.
There is only one list here and with every removal request,
the address is removed completely. We have no need to save an address if they no
longer wish to receive our mail and your address will never be sold,
traded or abused.

As for auto-responders, we don't get our kicks from watching our mail
play ping-pong. If you have information to share with the admin
of this site, send it directly to THE ADMIN.
Just be sure to replace the SPAMSUCKSBIGTIME.com portion with adultstop.com
You may provide your auto-responder addy in THAT email.
My last words on this, "DON'T USE AN AUTO-RESPONDER ADDRESS"

This site and this service is free of charge, all that we ask is that
you receive at least one email.

Notice: In order to reduce the extra administration time,
server resources and bandwith required to deal with this and
in order to be fair with those who do respect our wishes,
submissions without valid email recipients will be removed.

Moreover, domains that use/abuse the auto-responder rule will not
only be removed but no longer be able to submit.
This has already been the case with several addy's and domains.
It works!
What we are doing is for the benefit of not only ourselves, but everyone
who submits. When individuals learn that real people visit, review and submit
here, you will benefit, as will we from our communications so that we may
remain a free service.

Thank you,
The Admin